For a simple way to manage many of the day to day tasks that take place in a boarding school, then REACH Boarding have a solution that will help.

Easy to use, covering a comprehensive range of tasks and offering savings in time and financially, REACH Boarding can be installed quickly in your school and the benefits will be enjoyed from day one.

This task wheel illustrates some of the key tasks that REACH Boarding can help your school to manage every day, saving you time, money and providing a reliable way to manage and report on these tasks.

The REACH Student and Parent app allow students and parents of boarding schools using the REACH Boarding School System to access their school account to request and approve leave events, sign in and out of locations at school, view their personal calendar and manage their approved hosts.

This is the landing place in REACH when you first open the system. Immediately you can tell where all of your boarders are, on or off campus , and where on campus they are.

The student kiosk view is just one of the features that are available in REACH Boarding that gives you a summary view of each student's activities and location.

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