The data capture and reporting tool for pastoral data which can be used for evidencing performance and improvement in your school.

INSTANT access to reports for staff and senior leadership team

Graphical representations highlight key issues immediately

Reports can be "sliced and diced" by class/user group, gender, individual user

Reports can be downloaded in several formats for further analysis/use

Survey management feature allows easy understanding of who has enrolled and completed survey

Report on key groups such as Pupil Premium

Pre-populated surveys to get you started quickly and a database of resources (over 70 surveys and 1,000 questions) to help with creating your own surveys and build a comprehensive profile of each of your students.

Evidence with Bounce on any platform

Your data is available where and when you need it, letting you benchmark against previous survey results and compare multiple classes/user groups and against other schools.

OFSTED are increasingly requesting more data and evidence on pastoral care, Bounce Together makes it all available to share with them and anyone else who needs this data.

Let us show you how it works

If you would like to see how Bounce can work in your school we are happy to arrange an on-line demo for you.

To request a demo please click on the link below and we will get one arranged for you.

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